Kunst med Sjæl 2019

Kunst med Sjæl 2019 D. 27 og 28 april, my first exhibition. Det Gamle Ridehus, Grønnegade 10, Næstved. All in all, a great experience.

Kropspædagog 2020

Kropspædagog 2020 In Næstved from d. 18 October and 6 months ahead… kropspædagog.dk

Kunst med Sjæl 2021

Kunst med Sjæl 2021 D. 19 og 20 juni. Ny Ridehus, Grønnegade 10, Næstved. Here I met a lot of amazing people and saw a lot of very exciting art. And on top of that I got 3rd place.

Tolerance Festival in Sopot, Poland 2021

Tolerance Festival in Sopot, Poland  D. 12 september. Sopot, Polen, 2021. This city is simply so amazing and thanks to everyone who helped make it a success. Thanks! The sign says: Mental illness is among us.

Kropspædagog 2021

Kropspædagog 2021Then I exhibit again at kropspædagog.dk and this time with Lenore Nielsen, I hope you come by and have a look.In Næstved from d. December 02 and 6 months ahead …

Kunst med Sjæl 2022

Kunst med Sjæl 2022 D. 23 og 24 april. Gl. Ridehus, Grønnegade 10, Næstved. Fantastic, fantastic and again fantastic exhibition. Unfortunately, the last Kunst med Sjæl of its kind, as Næstved Cultural Association is in the process of being closed down.