“I Am an “earchild” and have not always had the opportunity to enjoy hearing like others have it. Since 2012 I have had hearing aids, which are now my one and everything. I could not work without! I love music and in many genres. I have played guitar since 2011 and am quite happy to make music, but keep in mind that I am a beginner.”

These recordings are from before my time with hearing aids “The Flower Shop” og “Something About”:

This recording (I blame the Rain) is from after, and I think there is a big difference:


Here’s what I’m working on right currently. There is just a little piano on the number here:

I bought a midi keyboard and a microphone just to try singing and playing on a keyboard and maybe also to facilitate the work in FL Studio.

Here are a few projects made in FL Studio:

Medicine is a song I am in the process of making together with Ditte, but the lyrics are still missing. Hopefully something will come soon.

Key: Am – The drums were what I did first, then it became a little interplay between guitar, piano and drums. Later I added violin and bass. Finally, spoken word. I have mastered the track in Ozone (a VST plugin).

I tried to sing “No longer apart, my bleeding heart – Take me back to the start!” but I’m having a hard time with this particular Am so had to leave it out at the end…


Visiting you, as my eyes wander your book shelf. I notice this book, “Nothing is certain but doubt itself”. Is it your kind of philosophy, or am I going mad? Questioning everything, and at the end that makes me sad. Standing on the beach, my favorite place on earth. But can’t seem to think, what’sit all worth? On one of the pages there is a picture of us holding hands. But as everything else, it washes away in black sands.


No longer apart, my bleeding heart – Take me back to the start!


In despair, I left a letter by your side. So please help me, hoping for you to reply. Sorry is all I can say, and sad it may sound I love you, but I will no longer be around. Please somebody, Pull the curtain for me. Blind as hell, somebody make me see. Nothing more and nothing less. Get me out of this Nothingness.


No longer apart, my bleeding heart – Take me back to the start!


Sorry is all I can say, as I fly high on a Cloud. I sail a ship named hope, across a sea called Doubt. Water is my element, is this false or true? Where will the journey end when it began with you? And after all, there is an infection in my mind. Lay as you lay, as confusion can’t be left behind. Nothingness is what I feel – As I am send to the Pit. Now that the book is closed, I hope it was worth it.

Key: D major – This is a newly started project and I am far from finished… Here I will try to write the lyrics first and then compose the music.

Når det sidste ord er blevet sagt.
Mit aller sidste, er det.
Min aske er blevet lagt.
Bange for at vær’ det,
Ingen vil vær’.

Et vivar af stemmer omkring mig.
Selv om jeg ik’ ka’ li’ det.
Hvad kan det føre med sig?
Bange for at sig’ det,
Ingen vil hør’.

Mine tanker er uden grænse.
Udenfor rækkevidde.
Som en speeder uden bremse.
Bange for at bli’ det,
Ingen vil ha’.

Then I finished the project.